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09 February 2011 @ 12:03 am
Following the place I've stayed in Las Vegas meme:

1st stay ever: Some Motel on the South end of the strip, south of Tropicana, not sure if south of the airport. There were no casinos nearby. Some Welcome to Nevada place had recommended to pick one of those places considering our budget then.

next Harrahs: nice room

Then Best Western north of downtown: My first trip to Las Vegas where I started to get an idea about +EV play. However, I never could really take advantage of casino promotions for these trips since the best you can usually do is the casino rate. But coming from Germany, I usually spent 2-3 weeks in town, and that slowed things down.

Villa Roma. Motel, again, easy to book from Germany and right in the middle of things on Convention Center drive. Close to Riviera, Stardust and i still could see the abandoned Landmark casino. Stayed there twice, Binions room quality

Debbie Reynolds Casino. Ended up there since I couldn't stay at Villa Roma for the entire trip.

Riviera. I think I got to know them during my Villa Roma stay. Unremarkable.

Stardust. A trip in winter with a friend of mine. Meet up with the first BARGErs (Andi Bloch, Bill Turner, H-Boy !) which puts that trip to New Years 2004/5

4Queens. We all know it. Again, one of the cheaper and easy to book from Germany places.

Hacienda, that's where Mandala Bay is today. Stayed there twice. I could book that place cheap from Germany. Stayed there twice.

Main Street Station. Sometime during my sabbatical in 1996(?)

Binions. Uncounted times.

Sahara. The poker room manager was a BARGEr. Its age showed in the rooms.

Las Vegas Club. I think I stayed there since Binions couldn't book me for the entire trip during BARGE.

Orleans. During BARGE and if i remember correctly one more time.

Mirage. By then I had moved to the US, it was easy to get the poker rate for just a weekend (and the Bellagio was already open)

Monte Carlo. Spent a great weekend there with the woman who later became my wife.

Rio. During one BARGE my wife got rooms there for a Online gaming convention. I will avoid this place in the future. Overpriced. Way to big, go wherever, it's a half hour trip.

Golden Nugget. Twice. Booked South tower twice, scored North tower twice.

Here's the summary: I am cheap. Who would have thought. 18 hotels total. I want to vote different now on Patti's poll: http://whipartist.livejournal.com/769680.html
deadmonywalkingdeadmonywalking on February 9th, 2011 05:42 pm (UTC)
BARGE poker players having opinions on hotels? Hellllllllp